About Mic's Marine Services



Michael Buttigieg has always had a deep passion for the boating world. From catching his first fish as a youngster in Port Phillip Bay to the smell of 2 stroke oil first thing in the morning.

Mic's Marine Services started from very humble beginnings. Several years before starting our business Michael had been a fully qualified Marine Technician working for various other businesses. Gaining valuable industry knowledge and customer service skills. 


After moving away from the industry for a short period, Mic couldn't help but jump right back into it. His devotion to the industry is the main reason why Mic's Marine Services was established in 2012. Starting off at home and then moving into a factory.


Over the years we have had constant growth. Our family at Mic's Marine Services has grown to comprise of, aside from Mic, one fully qualified Marine Technician by the name of Michael Bortoli and a third-year Marine Technician named Bailey Bourke. 


We all take the utmost pride and care in everything we do. This includes jobs such as servicing, engine re-builds, trailer repairs, diagnostic work. All boats and jetskis are locked in our factory every night. Nothing is left outside.